Shock and Vibration Solution

Enidine Shock and Vibration Solution

High Performance Vibration Isolation Products

Look to ITT Enidine Inc. for high performance Wire Rope Isolators and Compact Wire Rope Isolators. The wire rope isolators have stainless steel cable and aluminum retaining bars, which provides excellent vibration isolation. The isolators are corrosion resistant, which makes them environmentally stable and high-performance in a variety of applications. The isolators are completely unaffected by oil, chemicals, abrasives, ozone, and temperature extremes

The compact wire rope isolator is smaller than a traditional wire rope and can absorb shock and vibration in small spaces. Single point mounting offers flexibility for integration into existing products.

With versatile mounting options, crimping patterns, and size variation, helical isolator products can help your systems meet all requirements for industrial, defense, and commercial uses. ITT Enidine Inc. has a commitment to quality and all products meet the industry standards of DEF-STND 0755, MIL-STD-810, BV43-44, MIL-STD-167, STANAG-042, MIL-S-901, and MIL-E-5400.

Both compact wire rope isolators and wire rope isolators can be used on galley components where motors and fans produce vibrations onto surrounding structures. They can also be used to control vibration and thermal expansion.

Vibration Isolation in a Small Package

For the best in vibration isolation capabilities, choose Enidine’s Compact Wire Rope Isolators. Smaller than traditional wire ropes, these unique isolators provide cost-effective, simultaneous shock and vibration attenuation where package space is at a premium.

Enidine Compact Wire Rope Isolators feature an easy, single-point installation, which allows them to be installed in virtually any application. Their small size also permits the isolation of individual system components, making them ideal for use in sensitive equipment and electronics. Just as with our standard Enidine Wire Rope Isolators, Enidine Compact Wire Rope Isolators feature a patented, all-metal design and components that ensure maximum reliability, regardless of temperature or substrate requirement, and that can help meet MILSPECS similar to those of our Wire Rope Isolator series. Please refer to our “Compact Wire Rope Isolator Sizing Information” on pages 37-38 for more information.

If your application is outside the standard Compact Wire Rope Isolator product range, please consult the standard Wire Rope Isolator or HERM portions of this catalog. If a standard solution is still not available, Enidine engineers can design an isolator to suit your specifications.


HERM(High Energy Rope Mounts)

ITT Enidine Inc. developed the HERM (High Energy Rope Mount) Isolator for NAVY cabinet isolation and rafted deck systems. They have successfully passed barge testing and reduced shock inputs to levels compatible with COTS equipment.

The HERM mount is an effective solution for cabinets, platforms, rafts, cradles, canisters and shipping containers requiring a shock, vibration and structure borne noise isolator.

In addition to electronic cabinets, the HERM can successfully be used on other applications such as radar systems, weapons and vehicles. Any defense contractor needing vibration isolation mounts and vibration isolation pads offering protection over a wide deck frequency range could benefit from this application.

Noise, Vibration and Energy Absorption Components

Dramatic noise reduction and vibration isolation is achieved with Enidine's Elastomeric Isolation Mounts. In addition to its standard product line, Enidine develops custom elastomerics using the most advanced tools and techniques for material development, testing and rapid prototyping. These products complement Enidine's existing shock and vibration isolation offerings, enabling Enidine to become your single source for shock and vibration attenuation.

Enidine's Elastomeric Isolation Mounts allow systems to perform more smoothly, quietly, and with less downtime, thus achieving longer life. Applications include business machines, industrial equipment, electronics and any other system which requires vibration attenuation. Enidine's elastomer products encompass not only "off-the-shelf" solutions to shock, vibration and noise attenuation problems, but also offer custom engineered solutions to mechanically complex or environmentally induced shocks and vibrations.

Enidine's Quality Assurance Program, under the auspices of International Standard ISO 9001, addresses all facets of engineering, manufacturing, and administration. This program ensures that reliable, quality products are designed, produced, and delivered to our customers specifications and satisfactions. Enidine's quality system continues to meet the requirements of MIL-I-45208 and MIL-STD-45662.