30 years sufficient experience in solenoid valves give E.MC very wide ranges of standard and customized products, which may not listed in the catalog. E.MC solenoid valves have a high sizes ranges from 1mm to 300mm, max pressure could be over 100Bar, temperature ranges covering from -200 centigrade till +250 centigrade. The high quality from perfect

design and composition of sealing and other fluid-touched parts, provides customers from wide fields a best choice. E.MC is always famous as strongest solenoid valve R&D team in China. The big team of over 40 doctors and graduates continually provide easier low power solutions for new fluid control fields. After 4 years deep study of low power field, the creative E.MC R&D team brings big ranges of super low power solenoid valves with 2~8 Watt, which gives the only solution for big overheat problem of solenoid valves at much lower temperature, longer life cycle, faster response, more safety use.In the future, we’ll continue further developing of low power solenoid valves, covering more power ranges and beginning the AC voltages solenoid valve R&D, to have a wider application of power saving solenoid valves.