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Super Systems is a leading manufacturer and supplier with a 22 years history of delivering high quality gas springs and accessories to various industries. The company is one of the largest manufacturers in India for gas springs and is focused on 100% satisfaction of its customers by providing them with quality products that their customers can rely on.

Be it a small or large quantity we have the high precision and flexible and modern manufacturing processes that guarantee quality products and short lead times. Continuous improvement through world-class processes drives our operations as we deliver solutions that move your world.

At Super Systems, we work closely with our engineering team to ensure the right material and surface finish are used for your particular need. Precision tolerances, from prototype through final production.


Gas springs are universally accepted, wherever you want to

  • Push
  • Pull
  • Lift
  • Lower
  • Position

covers, lids or other components by hand without using an external energy source.

The cross-sectional area of the piston rod and filling pressure determines the extension force F = p*A. During the compression of the piston rod, nitrogen flows through an orifice in the piston from the full bore side of the piston to the annulus. The nitrogen is compressed by the volume of the piston rod. As the piston rod is compressed the pressure increases, so increasing the reaction force (progression). The force depends on the proportional relationship between the piston rod and the inner tube diameter, which is approximately linear.


Traction gas springs are maintenance-free, closed systems, which are filled with pressurised nitrogen gas. Compared to the push type, traction gas springs work in the reverse way. The piston rod is retracted by the gas pressure in the cylinder. The surface of the piston ring between the piston rod and the inner tube determines the force of the gas spring. Traction gas springs are always mounted with the stroke fully compressed.


A Spring locking gas spring is a basic type of lockable gas spring, where the locking is achieved in gas. It is typically applied for use in seat height adjustment. The piston travels completely in compressible nitrogen gas. When the valve is closed, this type can be positioned anywhere along the stroke but the locking is elastic. Depending on the amount of force applied, a displacement will take place when locked, allowing for comfortable damping. The construction corresponds mainly to that of a standard gas spring, only instead of a nozzle works a piston in the gas chamber. The gas which is on both piston sides can be compressed with the corresponding load. The locking force is, depending on the position of the piston, more or less low. The smaller the gas chamber between piston and the respective end part, the higher the figure