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Toggle Clamps

Since 1936, when the first manual toggle clamp was designed and manufactured, DESTACO has been a world leader in workholding innovation and technology. DESTACO offers a wide selection of manual toggle clamps from heavy duty, hold down clamps (vertical or horizontal handle) to latch clamps and straight action or squeeze-action clamps. Whatever your manual clamping needs, DESTACO has a solution.

DESTACO Pneumatic Swing Clamps provide quick swing-and-clamp movement for increased productivity. These clamps are intended for quick clamping in secondary manufacturing operations on metallic or non-metallic products. These double-acting, pneumatic swing clamps offer a wide combination of features that make them uniquely adaptable to applications such as welding and assembly operations.DESTACO offers a wide range of models in a variety of bore sizes and mounting styles. DESTACO standard pneumatic swing clamps are non-locking clamps that provide a clamping force in direct proportion to bore size and inlet pressure.

With a clamping arm that arcs up and out of the way, DESTACO's Pneumatic Lever Clamp holds down your parts when space is tight.

  • Alternative clamping solution to swing clamps when space is limited
  • Lever arm can be positioned left, forward, or right within the same clamp body
  • Consistent clamping force over a range of part thickness
  • Up to 25% more clamping force than comparably sized swing clamps
  • Convenient mounting using the upper flange or through a clearance hole using optional jam nuts

Overload Clutches

DESTACO Pneumatic Clamps use air-actuated cylinders to operate the clamping action. They are ideal for quick clamping in repetitive production operations, and yet are portable and economical to use on short run jobs with temporary fixturing. Basic types of DESTACO pneumatic clamps include

  • Hold-Down Action
  • Straight Line Action
  • Swing/Pull Action

DESTACO Offers a wide range of clamps for the Aerospace market. Providing workholding solutions for wing and fusage manufacturing. DESTACO offers manual, power, and pneumatic workholding clamps customized to fit the unique needs of the Aerospace industry.

All aerospace clamps are customized to your specific application so they require a quotation. If you are interested in any DESTACO Aerospace Clamps, use the Request a Quote form for more information.